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Kierra Sheard-Kelly Talks Pregnancy ‘I Felt The Presence Of God This Time Around’

Kierra Sheard-Kelly

Source: Provided By Kierra Sheard-Kelly Staff / Kierra Sheard-Kelly

Kierra Sheard-Kelly announced she is expecting her first child with her husband, Jordan Kelly. The couple, married in December 2020 shared the exclusive to People Magazine and joined the Get Up! Church to speak about the exciting news. How is the newly expecting mother feeling? Sheard-Kelly says “It feels great. I’m feeling the flutters and I’m grateful because I’ve, you know, experienced the miscarriages so, I’m excited about all that God is doing and I hope that I can encourage someone else to keep believing.”



Sheard-Kelly has been open about her miscarriage struggles and she tells Erica that she prayed over her womb. Is this an answered prayer? She says absolutely! “I felt the presence of God this time around. That’s when I was like, oh, this is it. So yes, I’ve been praying, making declarations and I still do as I see the baby grow with the ultrasounds and all that.”



How did her parents, Karen Clark-Sheard and Bishop John Drew Sheard Sr., take the news? “Oh my God, tears of joy,” said Sheard-Kelly. “They just keep crying every time. Because like I said, I experienced two miscarriages prior to this, but every time it was just, you know, was getting pregnant, it was just where was the pregnancy going that was the challenge. So, we’ve celebrated every time and we’re just super grateful about the miracle. We went to the doctors and it was just like I was like, I don’t want the doctor’s hands in this. I just want to do it myself.”


You can get Sheard-Kelly’s new book “The Vibes You Feel.” wherever books are sold. This inspiring book for teens and young women explores what it means to listen to God’s voice, better understand the “vibes” and intuition the Spirit uses as guidance, and live a life that proclaims your heavenly truth.



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