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Mother-Daughter Duo Alana Atkins & Anala Jamison Talk Boundaries In New Book ‘Please Respect My Space’

Alana Atkins and Anala Jamison

Source: Provided By Alana Atkins / Alana Atkins


It is essential for kids to set boundaries but what does that look like for both children and adults? Mother-Daughter duo Alana Atkins and Anala Jamison explore the subject in their new book “Please Respect My Space” to give children a guide to help create boundaries.


This fun and informative book explores how important it is to allow children to set boundaries. Empowering little ones to choose how they desire for both children and adults to enter their personal space both normalizes and sets the tone for boundary setting. Examples of interesting and cool ways for children to interact with others, along with tips for parents or guardians to watch for, makes this children’s book both engaging and necessary.

Alana and Anala called into the Get up Church this morning to discuss the book and why this subject is essential. Atkins, Erica’s sister explains why the issue is important, saying “So when Alana was little when people speak with her, I’d give her a choice. I’d say, do you want to wave? Do you want a hug? Do you want a high five? Do you want a fist bump? I gave her the space to choose how she wanted to allow people to enter her space because I feel that it is important to set that boundary early with kids and they have more spatial awareness.”

Alana explains to Auntie Erica why it’s important to set boundaries, saying “It teaches me to protect my physical, mental, and emotional safety, and it teaches me to trust myself. And I’m a kid and a part of learning about myself is to trust ourselves.”

You can purchase the book “Please Respect My Space” now on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

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