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The mid-term elections are tomorrow and to say this is a significant moment for our country is an understatement. It is very important to go out to vote, regardless of your political affiliations. If you have any questions about tomorrow’s elections, Pastor Michael McBride, Pastor of The Way Christian Church in West Berkeley, California stops by to give us “3 Things You Need To Know Before You Vote.”  He’s also the chair of the Black Church PAC.


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Erica: What are the top three things everybody needs to know before they head to the polls to vote tomorrow?

Pastor McBride: Well, we always tell folks that it is so important to make sure before you go to the polls, you know where your polling location is that you take a sample ballot from your online website and that you have a security plan just in case you have some problems. And so we want you to make sure you get all these notes together. So when you go to vote, you are fully ready to engage in the process.

Erica: How can people find their polling locations, they don’t know where it is.

Pastor McBride: Yeah, so is a super dope partner that we work with, with the black church, Pac, and a whole bunch of our partners across the country. It’s literally on its website. As soon as it pops up, you’ll find a bunch of tabs that you can click on, it’ll help you find your early voting location. It’ll help you check your registration, it helps you to see what’s on your ballot, even helps to locate your polling place or Dropbox. is a super great tool, a one-stop shop for everybody.

Erica: Look at a sample ballot is one of the things people should be should do. Listen, you say arrive with five what does that mean?

Pastor McBride: Arrive with five means don’t go to the polls by yourself. We want to make sure that all of us are literally passing this information on. So don’t go to the poll alone arrive with five other people either text them, call them, or put them in your car, but make every effort to help seniors, young people, and those voting for the first time arrive at the polling place with you. The scripture says when the righteous increase, the people rejoice. But when the wicked rule that people grow, arriving with five helps the righteous to increase. So everybody, let’s not go to the polls alone. Let’s arrive with five

Erica: What final message would you like to leave with the Get Up Church today?

Pastor McBride: I’m not going to tell you all who you should vote for. But I am telling you, you are to make sure you vote against quickness and evil that is in the form of racism. That’s in the form of trying to take the rights of our folks away. So I will tell you as Raphael Warnock says, Let’s make our vote a little bit of a prayer a little bit of a downpayment for the world we want to be in, and then after the elections are over this show-up and hold our elected officials accountable regardless of their political background.





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