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NAACP President Derrick Johnson

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The Mid-term elections are this Tuesday, November 8th, and like anytime in our lives, this year is extremely important, especially for Black people and people of color. NAACP President Derrick Johnson stops by the Get Up Church to answer questions around next Tuesday.


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How do you register to vote if you have moved to a new city?

Depending on the state laws, some states require 30 Day residency requirements. In some states, you can do same-day registration and vote. So you need to check with your election official in your area, whether they’re the county election official or the Secretary of State office to find out what the state law is for the state.


Voting in Local Elections


I will say if the election for the dog catcher go vote. Local elections are as important as any federal or national election. So you know, without me being in Richmond to tell you what’s on the ballot, go vote. I know, every member of Congress is on the ballot. Well, a third of all of us senators are on the ballot. So go, you may find that on there. It’s something that’s really important to you. But until you investigate to see what’s on the ballot, then you need to assume is the most important election in your lifetime. Go vote.


is there a place where people can go to a general place to see a sample ballot? Is there a place where people can just log on and see what’s on their ballot in their city?


in most, in most states, you’re gonna go to your Secretary of State’s website and look for Election Day, and it can tell you what’s on the ballot statewide. And in most areas, you can go to the county election official who oversees the election, and it can tell you what’s on the ballot for local elections.


What would you say to someone who has not made up their mind to vote because they or think that their vote doesn’t count?


Living through and fighting against the system of slavery, living through and fighting against the system of segregation, living through and fighting to have more access for an opportunity, whether its a job, home ownership, or being able to go to college, so much have changed in that pessimistic deficit. Mindset is something that we must overcome. Our victory is in our present. And because we have fought and we have won, we stand today. And so anyone who looks at the short-term transactions of voting a democracy says we haven’t done anything, they need to really go deeper and understand that wherever whatever their station or life is, it is better as the potential was greater because of our engagement because of our vote. And people wouldn’t be fighting so hard against us. If the vote didn’t matter.


For National Information, what’s a good resource for people to use?


What do you go to, and our website, and we have political stuff on the website about voting. You have voted that org is another organization that has a lot of good information. And some of that is state-based about voting. And so there if you just Google voting 2022, a ton of stuff comes up and just just just understand the source. The source should be credible individuals in our community.





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