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Evvie McKinney is back with a new single and new album. “Love, Evvie McKinney” features the song “Chruch.” McKinney gives Erica and GRIFF the details on the song, saying “I wanted to write a sound that was uplifting and inspirational, especially for young people. I was trying to just get people back into the groove of getting excited about going to church. And so I just wanted to write something that young people could make Instagram reels and tick tock videos to itself.”


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The Memphis-Born singer stops by the Get Up Church to give us more details on the new album which she calls her “love letter to the world.” McKinney also talk about her new eyelash and lip gloss line, Blessed & Beautiful and shares her testimony from winning the music reality show “The Four: Battle for Stardom” and never giving up.


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Evvie McKinney on the album:

Oh my goodness “Love Evvie McKinney” is just my love letter to the world. And every single song people have been asking me what is your favorite song. And I tell them depending on what whatever moment, depending on whatever mood I’m in, that is my favorite song and I put my all into every song. I don’t believe in fillers so every represent and reflects a moment in time that I was going through. A real moment that I was experiencing at that time. And so I just pray that people walk away feeling like they really had an encounter with a person that truly love God and somebody who is truly trying to pursue God how he wants to be pursued.

Evvie McKinney on her Beauty line “Blessed & Beautiful

So it’s called “Blessed & Beautiful.” But I’ve always wanted my own beauty line. I’ve always wanted my own eyelash line and lip gloss line especially because every time I will get either on Instagram Live or anywhere I will be where people could see me online, they are always asking what is like, what are you wearing? What kind of lashes lyou have so I was like, I need my own lines so I can tell them “Oh, this is from my line “Blessed & Beautiful.” So God is so good. And I just hope that women and it’s called “Blessed & Beautiful” because I wanted to be a young role model to remind people that they are blessed and beautiful the way that God made them. You and get to change nobody. You ain’t got to change your name. Let God do the change did not ask the real change when the Holy Spirit does that type of change in your life. But God wants us to embrace the bodies and the people he made us to be because we can be satisfied with Jesus. We can be satisfied with everybody and everything else.

Her Testimony after winning “The Four: Battle for Stardom”

One day I walked in my mama’s house in Memphis. It was in her room and she was watching TV. And she said Evvie come there she coming back to her room. She said Evvie, I’m watching this brand new singing competition show called “The Four” and P. Diddy, it’s good. She said P. Diddy was saying “send me somebody sent me somebody.” And my mom looked at me. And she says I believe he talking about you. And so I was telling my momma, Momma, are you just saying that Because I’m your daughter. I was kind of putting myself down, you know, because of my past experiences. But God took that moment and he just wild me. Because I’m like, I’m I was so hurt, so to speak, from getting turned down all of these, every single time. And I will try out for these TV shows multiple times. And I will just still get a No. But I was telling my husband yesterday and it’s so crazy that I’m able to share this this morning. God was preparing something just for me. Yeah. And that’s how I felt because I was trying to I was trying to follow these different shows was say God was saying no Evvie, it’s not time. But when there was time, God allowed me to do the same songs. I went in those auditions doing. And he allowed me to win that show and my life has not been the same since.


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