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During this time of uncertainty, multiple streams of income are key for stability. Financial expert Clyde Anderson joins the Get Up Church for our “Money Mondays” segment to give us tips on how to secure multiple streams of income for you and your family.








Erica: Let’s talk about how people can create wealth. Step one is to “determine what problem you can solve or need to feel.”

Clyde: Yes, I always say Les Brown told me “a mouse with one hole to crawl into is a sad rat.” So you got to have multiple streams of income, you can’t have just one hole to crawl into. And so that’s what I mean by that. So it’s more than savings. We got to create new streams of income. And so the first thing to do is come up with an idea. What is that thing that you do that people say you do well? You’ve been doing it well. We liked the way you do it. You’re gifted, you’re talented. What is that thing? That’s the thing that you have to figure out.

Erica: Step two is “launch a website.” Tell us about the free website at Wix.

Clyde: Yes, yes, a free website that people things hold us up sometimes. But a lot of times, there’s so many resources out here that are free, it costs a little no money to do it. And so you’ve got to have a place to call home where you want to send people to and Wix does a free website, that you can go on there and walk you through step by step to create a template, you don’t have to know how to design it, you don’t have to do all those things, you just got to follow the steps. And you can have a website that you can send your customers to.

Erica: I love it. And step three, identifying the free marketing tools that are available, most people don’t believe that so help the people.

Clyde: Well, one of the things you gotta you got to remember this that you know, if you can solve a problem or filling me and then let people know you can do it, you’ll never go hungry. And so now’s the time to let people know you can do it. One of the things is you’ve got all these social media channels, Hootsuite is a great tool that you can use to go ahead and mark it, put all your things in there, load them up, because we know we’re busy, we got things to do, you can load them in there, and you can then put them out there to the world. And Canva is another tool that’s free that will help you create the stuff that you want to post and put out there. And it’s about being consistent and putting it out there and getting your message out there to the people.

GRIFF: Step number four big homie: “use your assets to keep costs low and maximize your profit potential.” In English, what do that mean?

Erica: You got time you got relationships, you got skills, this is the time to pull those things out of the bag. Call your friends, call your family, tell them what you have. Tell them what you’re promoting. Use your time wisely. Again, you might have other stuff going on. But now it’s time to maximize your time. That time is more valuable than money. We get 86,400 seconds each day. And I always say if there were $1 we take better care of it. Now it’s time to turn those dollars into my total time into money.

Erica: Use your assets to keep costs low and maximize your profit potential.

Clyde: Yes. Yeah, that’s what you everything you have pulled out everything out of that bag. And then again, you’re gonna let people know you let them know you can solve this problem selling me you won’t go home, but you won’t need anything.

Erica: Well, we’re talking to financial expert Claude Anderson, how can people get your books and follow you on social media

Clyde: They can go to Go to or on Instagram, at @ClydeOnPurpose. Right there, you can find everything to connect with me. And I’ll even help you. If you send me a message. I’ll walk you through some of these things, you know, at no charge to walk you through and let you know, hey, this is what you can do. Because again, this economy is changing is the shift that’s happening. We all got to be prepared. And right now it’s about making more.

Erica: Okay, there it is. They’re good people. What message would you leave with us today?

Clyde: The message I will leave is that if you can change your mind, you can change your life and this is the time we got to change on purpose.





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