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Married to Medicine Los Angeles - Season 2

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Lia Dias may seem like just another housewife and addition to Bravo’s Married To Medicine LA, but she is much more. The mother, wife and businesswoman resides in the most fabulous of zip codes, 90210, where she is the beauty boss of Girl Cave LA.

With 3 brick and mortar locations and an e-commerce site, Girl Cave LA was born over five years ago after the Inglewood native grew tired of being mistreated in beauty supply stores. “I thought, why do I have such negative experiences in stores that were designed to cater to me and women like me” Lia stated during our brief one on one. She continued by explaining that she felt “most suited to start in retail because I was such a large consumer and I understood what retailers were missing.”

Girl Cave LA is a fully stocked beauty supply store with everything from barrettes to bundles but Lia wants you to understand that Girl Cave LA is about more than beauty from a vanity perspective. “It is so important for me to share and show other women that success is obtainable. I do free webinars, in-store meet-ups for high school students, I mentor current and former employees and I host a conference twice a year called Beauty Supply 101,” she revealed.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles - Season 2

Source: Bravo / Getty

Although Lia didn’t spill any tea about what we can expect from her on this season of Married To Medicine LA, she did give Bravo props for showing, “all of who we are, good, bad and ugly.” Which led us to question Lia about beauty diversity in media and importance according to her, to which she responded, “I think it is most important because black women are not just one way or defined by stereotypes.  I know and love many black women, we are all so different. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, singers, bankers; whatever it is we do, we are all so different and it’s important to showcase that so the world can see that we are multi-faceted.”

This mother of three may be married to medicine but she has a relationship with beauty that is enabling her to empower women and girls. “I tell my daughter all the time, it’s not one or the other, you can do and have it all. I am a present mother and wife but I also run large businesses with tons of employees and many obligations that require a lot of my time. I want my daughter and other girls to know that there is no limit or cap on your success or the life you create for yourself.”

Lia is definitely another reason to tune in to Married To Medicine this Sunday, May 3.


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