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Women's Empowerment - Taraji P. Henson

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via BlackAmericaWeb/Veronica Wells:

Recently actress Taraji P Henson sat down with SELF Magazine to talk about everything from mental health to the set of Empire, her fiancé and more!

On Therapy:

“I had aligned all my chakras, and I still wanted to headbutt a b***h,” she jokes. In all seriousness: “The therapy came into play out of necessity,” she says. “It was [a] time where I was like, ‘Oh, I’m just not feeling like myself anymore,’ and my son was going through his issues with becoming a young black male in America with no dad and no grandad.” (Henson’s son’s father was murdered in 2003, and her own father died in 2006.) “It was like, ‘Okay, I’m not a professional. We both need help.”

On Her Fiancé:

“We shook hands and I swear I heard angels. That’s the joke I tell. But he just felt right.”

“Hayden, who is 13 years Henson’s junior, thought she was a “prima donna celebrity who has her way with guys and moves on,” she says. Henson thought Hayden was a good-looking “athlete who has his way with women.” She started to assume that his proneness to falling asleep when she got home from work meant he was exhausted from cheating escapades. “Whenever he would fall asleep, [I’d think,] Oh, you cheating on me?” she recalls. Miscommunications like these led to a breakup, she says.”

“He had to suck in his pride and he still didn’t stop. I said, ‘That’s my husband.’”

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