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Man reading from the holy bible, close up

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Everyday people pick up the word of God in churches, while traveling to work, on their phone and more. According to the Christian Post, the Bible is the most-sold book in history.

Since the year 1851 over 5 billion copies have been sold.

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Even though there are a lot of people that read the Bible they might be unfamiliar with several of these facts about the good book. Check out these 6 facts!

1) The Bible Is The Most Stolen Book In The World

While this fact may be shocking, True Bible Facts reports that the Bible gets stolen from shelves more often than you think.

2) Women Read The Bible More Than Men 

A study in 2017 done by the American Bible Society found that women are 20% more likely to read the Bible than men.

3) “Amen” Is The Last Word In The Bible 

The last verse in the Bible reads, ““The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all. Amen.” If you think about it we also end prayers by saying “Amen.”

4) Half Of The Women In The Bible Don’t Have Names 

A study by Rev. Lindsay Hardin Freeman shows that only 1% of discussion in the Bible are words spoken by 86 women and half are unnamed.

5) 40 Different Authors Contributed To Writing The Bible 

Exactly 40 people are responsible for the words we read in the good book.

6) Bible Means “Book” Or “Scroll” 

The word Bible is derived from the Latin word ‘biblia’ or the Greek ‘ta biblia,’ which mean “the scrolls” or “the books.” Encyclopedia of Britannica states that biblia is from one of the oldest cities Byblos who supplied paper products to the ancient world.


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