What would you do if you planned a graduation party and then found out that the cake you bought wasn’t chocolate or even vanilla? In fact, what would you do if that cake was Styrofoam?

Nellie Flores told reporters that she and her sister, Marsy ordered a two-tier graduation cake from a Walmart in Pasadena last week for Marsy’s daughter’s graduation party.

When the cake was supposed to be picked up, the sisters learned that the cake wasn’t made yet. Well, the sisters wound up grabbing a cake after the store manager informed them that could choose any cake that was already prepared. Soon after, they placed a photo of Marsy’s daughter on the cake, thinking they’d be OK.

It was all fine — until they cut the cake and instead of cake crumbs they found styrofoam pieces. In fact, the entire cake was made of styrofoam.

Walmart quickly issued an apology and a manager gave them a $60 gift card for the value of the cake, another gift card, and a free cake.

“This was the result of a misunderstanding. We attempted to make things right with the customer by way of a gift card.” Walmart said in a statement.

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