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via CNN:

Police said investigators had more than enough evidence to convict actor Jussie Smollett but in an unexpected turn of events, prosecutors decided to drop all charges against him.

Chicago’s mayor and police superintendent still think the “Empire” actor staged an attack on himself and even the lead prosecutor on the case said he still believes that Smollett carried out a crime. So, how did Smollett get cleared of all charges?

Here’s what several CNN analysts had to say about the latest twist in the case and the possible reasoning behind it.

Did authorities have enough evidence?

Police in Chicago found several pieces of evidence that led them to believe that Smollett orchestrated the attack.
Investigators had footage of the men involved in the alleged assault buying a ski mask, sunglasses and other items. They also had a check that Smollett used to pay one of them.
But no surveillance cameras captured the incident and one of the men was actually Smollett’s personal trainer, the actor’s attorneys said.

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