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Nobody can check you like a friend. Steve Harvey welcomed his longtime friend Mo’Nique to The Steve Harvey Show earlier this weekand the two got into a passionate conversation about the state of Mo’s career.

Harvey was honest about his feelings toward the strategy Mo’Nique used to sound off about various gripes in Hollywood. He admitted that he wished he had intervened sooner.

“I probably should’ve called you as soon as…,” he said. “When I did call you, I listened to you. I began telling you at the very beginning I think we going about this the wrong way now we keep saying stuff in the interim that keeps just making it worse Hollywood know you talented.”

“But it’s making it worse for who?,” interjected Monique.

“Okay if you think it’s cool then it’s cool…,” replied a clearly exasperated Harvey. “But it’s not cool. It’s not cool!”

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