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Last night while driving home from a small group meeting, the term “residual value” came bobbing like a message in a bottle into my thoughts, and I immediately began to pray and ask the Lord to reveal the lesson to be learned here. Ever notice how He baits you in, and only after you’re good and curious does He unwrap a nugget of His wonderful truth? When God next spoke to my spirit that His children have a residual value which far exceeds their “sticker price,” immediately I got excited, and the fatigue of a long day was replaced by energy of the anticipated.

The phrase, commonly used in finance agreements, lease contracts and the like, basically means “the value of the part that is left after some of it has been used up or taken away.” How is it that in God’s kingdom less is more? Used is more valuable than new? We can’t do the math with a carnal mindset, because the world places such significance on the unused, the untouched! Folks will spend a fortune on uncirculated coins to hide away in an album; or they’ll sink thousands of dollars into a collector car whose engine will never purr, whose tires will never kiss the open road. Mint condition. New in box. I’m happy for ones who can find pleasure in having something that neither they nor anyone else can ever actually use, but it makes no sense to me. If you can’t really get your hands on it, test its limits, share it with others, where’s the fun of owning it?

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