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Faith and Christianity isn’t normally talked about on primetime, but on a new show on CBS it will be the basis of it. “Living Biblically” premieres this week and The Gospel Coalition reports that it’s inspired by “The Year of Living Biblically.”

The show is a comedy, but there is nothing funny about Christianity. This show is about the character “Chip” played by Jay R. Ferguson that picks up the Bible and wants to change his life around. He is also expecting his first child and turns to God for answers.

Patrick Walsh, the creator believes that he’s engaging audiences that are not only fascinated by religion, but enjoy comedy. He said, “I find they are both doing the same thing. What they are both angry with that the other side does, they are doing themselves. A big part of my pitch was that 84 percent of the world aligns themselves with some sort of religion, and it’s never talked about.” Will you tune into this new show?

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