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Ernie and Cerbie are best friends and want to help people with their love problems in the film “The Chronicles Of Ernie & Cerbie.” The thing is Ernie and Cerbie aren’t from earth and go down there to help people in different kind of relationships. Ernie, who was an adult is now a child and Cerbie, who was a different breed of dog finds himself to be younger.

Cerbie’s voice might sound familiar because it’s our very own GRIFF. The theme behind the movie is to show that love comes in different forms, just like the love of God. Ernie is a child so he has to go into a group home with his dog. Cerbie can talk and have conversation, but Ernie is the only person that can hear him.

While on earth, Ernie wants to find forever homes for all the children in the group home. He sees some go through pain for not being loved and so much more. This movie looks like it will fill your heart with joy and teach a beautiful lesson. You can catch “The Chronicles Of Ernie & Cerbie” in theaters on May 8th!

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