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Black Family Sitting Together

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“Love is colorblind, love is kind, love is patience, without love none of this is possible.”

Those were the words Christopher Sanders expressed when talking about adding 6 more children to the 5 his family already had. The beautiful couple spoke to ABC News about the day that changed their life forever.

They received an emergency phone call stating that 4 boys needed a home due to addiction problems in the family.

Christopher mentioned that they didn’t know if the boys were going to accept him because he was Black, but it took no time for them to be apart of the family. His wife Christina found out the boys had two sisters and didn’t want them to be separated so they adopted them all.

Christopher mentioned, “Family is family,” and they are all very happy to be together. Currently the Sanders family is in need of a van and began a GoFundMe account. We wish them all the happiness and joy!


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