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Members of a church in Sri Lanka were recently shocked after they received a booklet with some explicit lyrics to a well-known rap song by Tupac Shakur during a holiday service, reports CNN.

Instead of a program with the common Christian “Hail Mary” prayer, churchgoers received lines from Tupac’s song of the same name during the “Joy To The World” event in Colombo on Dec. 11, writes the news outlet:

Andrew Choksy, who attended the Joy to the World service where the lyrics were distributed, said he recognized the Tupac song straight away.

“A lot of people were in shock as whether it was a joke or someone would actually rap the song,” he told CNN. “A few of the older ladies in front of us could not stop looking at the printed booklet.”
The rap version of Hail Mary contains lyrics about explicit violence, references to female genitalia and the N-word.
Instead of the traditional “Hail Mary full of grace, the lord is with thee,” Tupac’s version asks Mary, “Do you want to ride or die?”

The event at the Nelum Pokuna Theatre was a fundraiser for Poverty Alleviation Projects, organized by the Archdiocese of Commbo and the St. Joseph Vaz Trust, reports the New York Daily News.

SOURCE: CNN, New York Daily News


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