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Gross! Trump Tries To Kiss Young Black Girl At Rally, But She’s Not Having It

If a video was leaked of you bragging about sexual assaulting women and then a week laterten other women accused you of groping them in the past, one would think you’d be really self-aware about touching women and girls, but not Donald Trump. At a rally in Wisconsin, the GOP presidential nominee took it upon himself to try to kiss a young Black girl on the lips after calling her “beautiful” seven times — and she was not having any of it.

According to the New York Daily News, Trump spotted the young girl in the audience in Green Bay and immediately began pointing at her while calling on her parents to bring her onstage.

She got all decked out for this evening,” Trump said. “Wow, so beautiful. Bring her, she’s so beautiful.”

She ran up and Trump gave her an awkward kiss on the cheek. Then as he was about to get her go, he leans in for a second kiss — which looks like he was going straight for the lips—but the girl wasn’t having it as she turned her head away.


FBI Director: There’s No Proof Of ‘Epidemic’ Police Violence Against Black People


Source: NICHOLAS KAMM / Getty

According to FBI Diretcor James Comey, people who believe that police shootings are a national epidemic “have no idea” what they’re saying because there currently is no federal data to prove that’s the case.

According to ABC News, Comey made these polarizing comments at the International Chiefs of Police Conference in San Diego, speaking before thousands of law enforcement officials from the United States and overseas.While he understands that are living in a “uniquely difficult time in American law enforcement,” he said the broad notion that police are “violent and racist and unfair” is an ill-informed belief.

He also blamed the growing number of videos of police killings online on giving the false notion that police brutality is a persistent and increasing problem.

But “however good their hearts,” they have “no idea of whether the number of black people … being shot by police is up, down or sideways” in recent years, ABC reported Comey insisted.

They have no idea of these things because we [in federal government] have no idea of these things.

OK Sir. Just because the FBI doesn’t have the national data, doesn’t mean police brutality and state violence are not an epidemic that disproportionately impacts African-Americans, especially given that the US Department of Justice and numerous other institutions and organizations have conducted numerous investigations and found that it does.

Thankfully last week, the FBI and Justice Department announced that in the next few years, they will create a national database detailing police shootings and other uses of force.

Yaaass! US High School Graduation Rate Hits Record High Of 83.2 Percent

Bright young grads

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Finally some good news: The nation’s high school graduation rate has reached a record 83.2 percent during 2014-2015 school year, the highest it’s ever been in US history.

According to NPR, President Obama announced the new federal data released on Monday praising this continued progress that can be seen across all races and ethnicities. The data showed that white students had a graduation rate of 87.6 percent — 13 percentage points higher than Black students (74.6 percent), 9.8 percentage points higher than Hispanic students (77.8 percent) and 16 percentage points higher than American Indian/Alaska Native students (71.6 percent), CNN reported. Asian/Pacific Islander students had the highest rate of graduation at 90 percent.

When I took office almost eight years ago, we knew that our education system was falling short,” POTUS said.

“I said, by 2020 I want us to be No. 1 across the board, so we got to work making real changes to improve the chances for all of our young people … And the good news is that we’ve made real progress.”

There is a downturn to the data: National reading and math test scores have gone down.

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