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Baltimore’s Pastor Dr. Jamal Bryant has found a new lady love, and she’s a famous R&B songstress.

“The Preachers” hosts John Gray, Dr. E Dewey Smith Jr., Orrick Quick and Dr. Jamal Bryant all had the women in their lives, for a special segment about the “first ladies” of their churches– a term reserved for the spouse of the spiritual leader.

When it came to Bryant’s turn, he introduced Charlene “Tweet” Keys as his lady love.

As background: Bryant divorced his ex-wife Gizelle Bryant of “Real Housewives of Potomac” after allegedly committing infidelity with another church member back in 2009. He also has a child from a previous relationship, and has been accused of fathering other children with miscellaneous women.

“A year ago I was walking through Times Square, going to an Oprah Winfrey movie premiere,” Bryant said about how he met Tweet. “And I bumped into R&B singer, Tweet, who is my absolute favorite female singer in the world. I pulled an Orrick [Quick] move and asked for a picture. And we have grown into an incredible friendship. I call her may ‘last lady’.”

When asked about the hardest thing about dating Jamal, Tweet said, “Dealing with women who said, ‘God said, they were your girlfriend.’” She also added that she often gets scrutiny for being a secular R&B singer, but she affirms that she has a relationship with God.

God bless ’em.

We’ll see where this relationship goes. But we have a feeling, those annoying women who reach out to him, won’t stop (for good reason).

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