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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently said he would force Mexico to create a border wall that would halt billions of dollars Mexican immigrants living in the U.S. send back to their native country. Trump’s proposal would not only damage Mexico’s economy, it would tarnish the relationship between the U.S. and the country. Trump’s proposed plan would alter a regulation under USA Patriot Act anti-terrorism law, which would stop funds sent to Mexico through money transfers. “It’s an easy decision for Mexico,” stated Trump in his proposal. He said that a large portion of the money being sent to Mexico “comes from illegal aliens.” Trump also blamed Mexico for taking advantage of the U.S. by bringing in “gangs, drug traffickers and cartels,” which expedites the cost of overcoming criminal activity. “We have the moral high ground here, and all the leverage,” said Trump. Read more.

Villanova Takes Home 2016 NCAA Title

Villanova took home the 2016 NCAA title on Monday. Guard Kris Jenkins netted a 3-pointer with just seconds left in the game to defeat the North Carolina Tar Heels 77-74. “I just think it was so exciting to watch, both teams making great plays,” said Villanova head coach Jay Wright. “In a national championship game, to hit a shot at the buzzer, I mean, I haven’t seen many better than that.” Despite the heat of the moment, Jenkins was very strategic when it came to taking the final shot. “The defenders usually follow the ball,” said Jenkins, who is a junior. “They were going to try to take Arch away because he’s hit big shots in his career. When they all followed the ball, I just knew if I got in his line of vision, he would find me.” Read more.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Launches Hate Crime Investigation

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has started a hate crime probe surrounding police department airwaves in the Chicago area. Several state police officers reported the use of derogatory language on radio airwaves. The “n-word” was a term frequently used. Mayor Emanuel issued a letter on Friday calling on Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez and U.S. Attorney for Northern Illinois Zachary Fardon to launch an investigation. In the letter, he said law enforcement radio airwaves have been hacked by outside users. “Unfortunately that [radio] equipment is available out there for people to purchase, so until we get a handle on that, these incidents could occur,” said Superintendent Eddie Johnson. “We need to stress to our people to use proper radio procedure and proper equipment so we can narrow those incidents down.” Read more.

New Report Shows Racial Disparities in Pain Management

A new study revealed a disparity between Blacks and Whites when it comes to receiving pain medication. The research, conducted by the University of Virginia, shows that African-Americans are undertreated for pain. “Many previous studies have shown that black Americans are undertreated for pain compared to white Americans, because physicians might assume black patients might abuse the medications or because they might not recognize the pain of their black patients in the first place,” said Kelly Hoffman, a UVA psychology Ph.D. who worked on the study. False beliefs surrounding how Blacks deal with pain could have an influence on the gap. “We’ve known for a long time that there are huge disparities in how blacks and whites are assessed and treated by the medical community. Our study provides some insight to what might contribute to this – false beliefs about biological differences between blacks and whites. These beliefs have been around for a long time in our history. They were once used to justify slavery and the inhumane treatment of black people in medicine.” Read more.

BET to Acquire Soul Train

BET Networks is slated to acquire Soul Train. After purchasing the company, BET will have control over the rights to 1,100 of the show’s episodes and 40 of its television specials. Soul Train’s library is one of the largest collections in the world that solely focuses on African-American music and culture. Acquiring the company would allow BET to add more content to the Soul Train Awards, which were revived back in 2009. They will also use the content to develop new projects, including a possible concert tour and Broadway play. BET will purchase the company from InterMedia Partners and The Yucaipa Companies. Read more.


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