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A popular Chicago teen who was featured in an award-winning anti-violence ad campaign was wounded by a stray bullet last Friday.

Just a few blocks away from his West Side home, Zarriel Trotter, 13, was struck by a bullet in his back after two men  got into a heated argument and one of them pulled out a gun and started shooting. Trotter was later rushed to the hospital and on Saturday morning underwent surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital where he remains in critical condition, the Chicago Tribune reported

According to his school principle Elizabeth Jamison-Dunn, Zarriel’s mother hasn’t left his side and that his “condition has not gotten any worse, but he is sedated and hasn’t been able to speak yet,” the Tribune noted.

“He is a valued member of our school community,” Jamison-Dunn said. “We love him. He’s our child. We want him to get better.” She added, I’m praying for him, praying for his speedy recovery.”

She’s not the only one sending him prayers.

Malkey Cobb, Trotter’s great-uncle, said his nephew was walking home after playing basketball with his friends when Trotter was shot. “He is a good kid. It’s horrible that kids get shot up like this,” Cobb said.

This very act of violence is what the well-liked teen fought so hard against. In his video for the “Black is Human” campaign, the seventh-grader said, “I don’t want to live around in my community where I got to keep on hearing and hearing people keep on getting shot, people keep on getting killed.”

When will this senseless violence end?

We’re praying for you Zarriel!


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