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Black Family Praying

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I began praying for my children while they were still in my belly. I would pray for God to show me how to be the best mother to each of them. I wanted to know how to care for them just as he would.

Tailor the short five prayers below to fit your specific need. Take out the word son or daughter and insert your child’s name. Say the prayer aloud so you can hear yourself say these powerful and encouraging words.

Prayer To Know Jesus As Their Savior

Lord I pray my son has a personal relationship with you at a young age so he may live according to your plan for his life. Knowing that you are his Savior, Provider and Protector.

Thank you for the role you allow me to fill in his life but let his dependence be cultivated in you and not in me. Create in my son a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within him. (Psalm 51:10; Rom 10:9-10)


Prayer To Know Their Purpose

Lord from the days of her youth, reveal to my daughter her purpose, so she may live her days fulfilling the plan you created for her life. Teach her to hear your voice, so when you speak, she is sure to listen. A stranger’s voice she will not follow because she is grounded in you. (Jer 29:11; John 10:5)


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Make sure to use these powerful prayers below:

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