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St. Pauls Sunday Morning

Source: The Belle Report / The Belle Report

Richmond, VA — When it comes to snow, regardless f it’s less than an inch to several feet most people will give it a second thought when it comes to leaving the house.  That statement rings even louder when it comes to going to church with a few snowflakes falling in the early morning Sunday sky.

However that was far from the case on Sunday, January 17, 2016 when the snow started to blanket the ground right around 11am.

Despite the wet snow, and gradually growing slippery road conditions, many still pushed their way to Sunday morning service.

Over at St. Paul’s Baptist Church, that holds a 9am and 11am service, the saints also pressed their way to hear a word from the Senior Pastor, Dr. Lance D. Watson, whose sermon topic for the day was “Getting your feet wet.”

It was a blessing!

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