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Details Of Unreleased Dash Cam Video In #SandraBland Case Revealed

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A judge has set Jan. 23, 2017 as the trial date for the Sandra Bland wrongful death case.

Bland is the Chicago woman who died in a Texas jail cell after being pulled over by Texas Ranger Brian Encinia in the summer of 2015. She was booked with a third-degree felony charge on Friday, July 10; two days later, she was found expired and hanging from two trash bags.

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However, Bland’s family refutes claims from the medical examiner put on the case that Bland commit suicide. Their lawyer, Cannon Lambert, says that the investigation into Bland’s death that was held by the Texas Rangers couldn’t be used to conclude the case because the plaintiffs weren’t able to review the findings from the Rangers’ report.

Bland’s family is pursuing damages against the Texas Department of Public Safety, Encinia, Waller County and the two jailers that should have been monitoring Bland while she was in custody.

Though the fight for justice continues after her daughter’s death, Geneva Reed-Veal, Bland’s mother, is far from satisfied with the announcement. After the status hearing held last Thursday, Reed-Veal said:

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“I’m not OK. My daughter is gone…I walked into these (courthouse) doors with continuations, dates and delays. I’m coming out of these doors with continuations, dates and delays.”

[SOURCE: Huffington Post]


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