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Cities including Milwaukee, Detroit, and Philadelphia are at the top of the charts in the competition to get Americans signed up for healthcare coverage. They’re part of a project being hosted by the White House to register Americans for health care coverage that takes effect on January 1, 2016 in time for today’s national deadline.

Calls are being made to personal homes urging residents to enroll; federal officials say that certain people will be granted an extension to finish their applications if they’re stalled in the enrollment process.

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Lori Lodes, a spokeswoman for the Dept. of Health and Human Services says that the White House is seeing a large and unexpected demand from enrollees. However, the success of the initiative to enroll Americans for coverage could waver based on dissent from Republicans that are disinterested in advancing the White House’s efforts in their own districts. Ultimately, Obama’s aides say that a coalition of health care providers and organizations are doing the work in encouraging residents to enroll wherever opposing politicians opt not to participate.

Those who do not have insurance in the next year could face almost $700 in tax penalties per person a year, though some may be exempt from these rates.

To register for insurance on the web, go to or call 800-318-2596.

[SOURCE: NY Times]


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