The Belle

Source: The Belle Report / The Belle Report

TRUTH…Sometimes the person you want most, Is the person you are best without!

Think about the drama that they have already brought to your life, and why you are REALLY chasing that person and still chasing that person.  If they wanted you, you wouldn’t be chasing them! BOOM!

Think about this!  If you do end up getting the person you have been chasing, is that who God chose for you to be with?  Probably NOT!  God is NOT about confusion and some of us chase people just to make our egos feel better or as if they are some sort of mad prize!

When you finally catch up with them and sometimes even nail your target, you probably missed your Boaz along the way and he probably missed finding you, because you were out there chasing someone else!  You were not available, mentally, spiritually and probably allowed someone to use you physically, thinking it would help you nail your conquest a bit quicker.  NOT!

Seriously…WHY  are you chasing a man that you are determined to reconstruct… from (lol), because you are simply tired of waiting on God!  Do you really think, that’s who God created for you?

Trust me when I say, God loves you more than that!  Consider, getting you together! Get your mind, body and soul together!  Build your relationship with God and trust HIM, to put you in the path of where you need to be found by your Boaz!

All good, in God’s perfect timing!

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