Lets do a better job representing the kingdom!

Sheilah Belle Teaching Digital Social Media Class

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TBR — I have been on the road lately teaching and talking about Digital Social Media to Churches, at Conferences, Workshops and have even found some of these thoughts unconsciously coming out during special guest speaking engagements.

We are inundated with social media, but in my opinion, there are some things we need to seriously keep in mind.

Some of these things I shared on Facebook and decided to also share  them below.

Prayerfully this information will help you to represent the Kingdom better, while also opening your mind to some everyday life challenges and situations. ~~

What we do and say on Social Media…is simply a reflection of who we are and our lifestyle...and when we are messy it can damage our witness! ….The POWER of How we Represent and come across to others on Social Media can go a long way!

Make your words count for the GOOD!  Let them be for the uplifting, for the enlightening and for the empowerment of doing and being better!

Some of us are so caught up with what other people are doing…Or saying…or posting or who folks are seeing…we are monitoring their Facebook page and posts…more than them!

OFTEN we even try to squeeze out opinions or comments on their page..because..we want in…where we know…all we have to offer is mess, conflict and confusion.

TRULY your life is bigger than this…(Stop and deal with self!) PRESS!~~

FOOD FOR THOUGHT~ Pay Attention: Some of us become students of PEOPLE we need to let go… and…often when people THINK they have the upper hand…they will often TRY to bully you or intimidate you…to follow their lead… But following a spirit like that is NOT of God… But control and much more.  (Protect your mind, heart, soul and everything else money cant buy.)  Let God lead You!~~

TRUTH: When people are intimidated by you… they will try to…. break you down…whenever they have the chance. Think about it. It might just explain a few things…and people in your life and why you do and feel the way you do around them!

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