Lance Jr and Dr. Lance D. Watson

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Lance Jr., looks to Heaven to Honor his Heavenly Father while also celebrating his Father

TBR/Richmond, VA – On Sunday, October 11, 2015, the church family of St. Paul’s Baptist Church celebrated the 30th Anniversary of their Senior Pastor, Dr. Lance D. Watson during their 9am and 11am service. Special presentations were made after a video journal was presented from his humble beginnings of a church with about 500 members that has grown to well over 10,000 active members.

Since being the pastor of St. Paul’s Baptist Church, Dr. Watson has established the Spiritual Title of Chief Dreamer, he has written several books, completed five degrees, and has established a total of three church campuses under the St. Paul’s Baptist Church banner and so much more.

His ministry has reached and expanded into global waters and lives have been forever changed because of his preaching and teaching power.

To make this day just a bit more special, his son, Lance Jr., who was recently accepted to the Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology, was tapped as the Worship Leader, which turned out to be a surprise to Pastor Watson.

He invited his dad to join him at the pulpit, and then told the crowd, “What a conundrum and the irony of being able to honor my Father, while celebrating my Father,” as he pointed to Heaven, while also looking directly at his dad. This was such a touching moment for everyone.

The congregation was truly moved and could feel the love as many stood and applauded with approval.

Dr. James Anthony Jackson, Jr., served as the guest pastor for both services for the day.

It was truly a great day to be at St. Paul’s Baptist Church.

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