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HERE’ S THE TRUTH when it comes to folks who claim they called you back and didn’t really make an effort!

When someone (whoever) says…”I TRIED calling you.”? OR “I tried calling you back!” What does that Really mean?

I called you once but missed you and DID NOT make another attempt. (FOR THE RECORD THAT IS NOT A SERIOUS ATTEMPT IN TRYING TO REACH SOMEONE.)

BUT you (YOU) (made a serious attempt)!  You called THEM back, texted them back and e-mailed THEM back (Several Times)…but they didn’t respond.  You even went on Facebook to In-Box Them.  No Response!

THEN you got lucky…and they finally responded to ONE E-mail someone sent them, which was a joint email that included their e-mail address and yours.  So they had no excuse.  However this is all they had to say, “Your voice mail is full and I Tried calling you back.” (ONE ATTEMPT).   BUT when they want something..they will blow up your phone, even call you back to back to back, they will text, email or even reach out to someone else to get you!  THAT IS…WHAT YOU CALL …TRYING TO REACH SOMEONE, and will keep trying until you reach them!

I am simply making this point so people can understand the difference.  If someone really wants to get in contact with you THEY WILL and HAVE No excuse.  If they don’t won’t  to, they will use every possible excuse they can.

Consider this in relationship and MONEY situations.


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