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Black woman sad at work

Yesterday, women’s right’s groups encouraged women nationwide to symbolically clock out of work at 2:07 p.m. in order to bring attention to the wage gap Black women face in the workplace.

In particular, the Atlanta Women for Equality (AME) coalition also encouraged women to take to Twitter with the hashtag #BlackWomenEqualPay to help raise awareness to the problem nationwide.

According to the AME, Black women only make $0.64 for every dollar earned by White men. 2:07 p.m. is approximately 64 percent of an average workday, which is when a Black woman should be able to leave work to balance out the pay gap. The date was also significant in that, for a Black woman to earn the same as her White male counterpart last year, she would have had to work an extra 208 days, which brings the date to July 28.

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We followed yesterday’s Twitter discussion closely, and even though most Black women are hardly strangers to this discrimination many of us face in the workplace, we still learned some valuable statistics. Below are the five most noteworthy things we took away from the Twitter discussion:

1. The Stats Are Scary On Their Own, But Look At Them Broken Down

The wage gap problem is an issue across all age groups, but the gap is widest among Black women ages 25-44, as they make $0.67 less than their white male counterparts. It’s truly put into perspective, however, when you see those student loan, gas and vacation stats.

We KNOW we could all use an extra $20K of income.

2. The Wage Gap Hits Working Moms Hardest

We don’t have to tell you how hard you work. But for working moms, life can be even more complicated. In 34 percent of Black families, the mother is the sole breadwinner.

Imagine having enough money to provide 153 weeks of more food for your children? That’s something we can all get down with.

3. Politicians Are Watching, But Not Enough

Ladies, we have some serious pushing to do when it comes to our political candidates. They’re definitely watching and talking about equal pay, but we as Black women need to make sure that we keep them honest. Bernie Sanders Tweeted about it yesterday, and while Hillary made comments in one of her speeches, save for a retweet, she was, surprisingly, noticeably absent from the discussion.

As for Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio on the GOP side? Not a peep.

4. Black Women Create Business At 6 Times The National Average

Ladies, we are out here getting it done. According to statistics, we are the largest segment of entrepreneurs in the country. That means when employers aren’t paying us what we deserve, or there simply aren’t enough jobs, we are creating it for ourselves. So it’s time that the workforce takes note of that.

5. The Gender Wage Gap Is Staggering Across Racial Lines

Asian-American women make the closest to their White male counterparts at $0.90 for every dollar, White women make $0.78 and Hispanic women make the least at $0.54.


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