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Morning, my dear! Here are the biggest news stories today. Enjoy your Thursday!

Obama Unleashes New Initiative Increasing Internet Access

President Barack Obama spoke in Durant, OK yesterday to announce his campaign to provide high-speed Internet to low income families. The ConnectHome Program will begin in 27 cities and a tribal nation, reaching 275,000 poor families and almost 200,000 children. Read more at The Root.

Google Celebrates Ida B. Wells

Today marks Ida B. Wells’ 153rd birthday, as noted by Google’s home search page. We at #TeamBeautiful were especially excited about the development, given Wells’ legendary work as a pioneer in using journalism as a form of social activism for the Civil Rights and suffrage movements. Read more info on Wells at the Huffington Post.

Greece Still Falling To Pieces Amid Bailout Talks

At a news conference today featuring leaders discussing their solutions to the Greek debt crisis, it was announced that the country will start receiving its financing as early as this month. However, residents are frustrated by the result of the austerity measures in the bailout deal and its deputy finance minister, Nadia Valavani, has stepped down from her post just so she doesn’t have to sign off on creditors’ demands. Read more at Yahoo News and Reuters.

Sudanese Women Sentenced To 40 Lashes For Wearing Pants

A case in Sudan has become another example of what many are calling systemic oppression against women and discrimination against the country’s Christian population. A 19-year-old woman was arrested for indecency with 11 other women in front of a church for wearing trousers and skirts—typical apparel for Sudanese girls. Fardos Al Toum, the 19-year-old, was absolved of her punishment of 40 lashes after protest from human rights groups. The other women are still awaiting their own trials and also face the possibility of being flogged. An activist group called No to Women’s Oppression says that 40,000 to 50,000 women are detained and lashed each year because of their style of dress. Read more at The Guardian.

Black South Carolina Town Threatened With KKK Fliers

The hate group the KKK is still terrorizing southern Black neighborhoods with their propaganda. Local news outlets have reported that slips of paper saying “Neighborhood Watch. You can sleep tonight knowing the Klan is awake” with images of Klansmen have shown up in the streets, one being placed on a car. Read more at the Huffington Post.

Despite Criticism, Eric Holder Insists He’s Not Anti-Cop

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, former Attorney General Eric Holder mused on how he’s received greater criticism for speaking out about racial injustice in law enforcement than his conservative white counterparts whom have echoed his sentiments. When speaking on how he has been cast as anti-cop, Holder defended himself by saying: “My career has been in law enforcement…It was disappointing to me to be portrayed in that way, and it angered me also because, like I said, it was inconsistent with not only how I feel but inconsistent with what I did as attorney general.” Read more at the Huffington Post.


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