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Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now” was in Selma, AL for the Selma 50th Anniversary Jubilee commemoration.

While on location, Martin recorded a special commentary questioning if Generation X, Generation Y and Millennials are prepared to step up and continue the fight for voting rights in America.

Martin who is known for getting to the crux of an issue went straight to the question that remains unanswered. Is this generation “going to step up” and fight for what is right?

Martin also asked what will future generations say about their ancestors in this current day and time “in 2065 when there is the 100th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday.””

“Will we just be talking about the foot soldiers in 1965 or will we be talking about modern day foot soldiers? Are we going to be talking about the folks involved in the #BlackLivesMatter movement? Are we going to be focusing on restoring Section 4 of the voting rights act which the Supreme Court gutted? That is the real question.”

Martin explained that he talked with many of the elders in the Civil Rights movement during the momentous weekend, including leaders of SNCC, SCLC, NAACP and the Big Six Civil Rights Organizations and they all expressed similar concerns about the future of the movement.

All of them consistently said, “What is this generation going to do to step up,” said Martin.

“We see in Chicago the mayoral election, low turnout overall but low Black turnout. We saw it in mayoral elections in Detroit, we saw it in Atlanta, in Cincinnati, in Cleveland — all across the country.

So here we stand with the right to vote, here we stand with the ability to go to the ballot box, not have to pay for paperwork, not have to go through a poll tax, not have to remember or recite segment of the US Constitution — we now have the ability to actually vote. The real question is whether or not we’re going to use that ballot. Whether or not we’re going to use that power.”

The “NewsOne Now” host added, “We’re left with this challenge and we should be asking ourselves ‘What will they say about us 50 years from now?’”

“Will our children’s children say that this generation stood up? Will they say that the post Civil Rights movement babies, Generation X, Generation Y, the Millennial generation, will they say when they had their moment they seized the opportunity or will they say they simply slept their way through the eroding of the Voting Rights Act?”

Watch Roland Martin’s Selma 50the Anniversary Jubilee commentary in the video clip above.

Are you prepared to carry on the fight against staunch opposition to secure Voting Rights for future generations?

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