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45th Annual Dove Awards - Red CarpetTina Campbell has always  been honest with me.

When you sit down to talk with her she  greets in you in that warm jovial way. That is the one thing that I have  always enjoyed about her. She is warm friendly and honest.

She says, “Let  keep one hundred.” when she wants you to know  that she is being on the level with you.  For those of you who don’t know Tina Campbell is 1/2  of the famed gospel music duo Mary Mary.

Forgiveness is a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance towards someone who has harmed you.

Tina is working on a solo album  and writing about her journey through the darkness to the light. She will kick it off with a an intimate event called, ‘An Evening With Tina Campbell.’

When asked why is she doing  any of this she says:

“This event is for anyone who has experienced death, betrayal, infidelity, disappointment or other hurdles in life.  This is a first step to let go and jump start your road to forgiveness.”

The event will be nothing you expect and everything you need.  Campbell will introduce new solo music from her upcoming CD, read excerpts from her upcoming book entitled “I Need A Day To Pray,” and minister to encourage, enlighten and give hope to broken individuals dealing with challenges blocking their road to their purpose in life.  In addition, Tina’s husband, Teddy Campbell, will join her on stage to discuss how they overcame infidelity in their marriage.

“My life is a testament that we can not only recover from the devastating effects of betrayal, but we can discover our purpose and thrive afterwards, On Nov 22, I’ll share that truth through my stories and my music.”

We talked a little bit about  things in her life and career. She is in a good place.

E8: You are really busy now. How are you managing?

Tina Campbell: “I pretty much am quarterbacking my own stuff! For years,we have had other people doing things, but now we don’t.  It’s whole lot managing, scheduling  and business things. I really am learning a great deal about the business and being an artist and getting things done. I am in charge and working this.”

E8: What inspired you to write the book?

Tina Campbell: “I didn’t try to write a book. (Laughs) If I had tried to write a book I would’ve needed a ghostwriter and all of that other stuff. I would have to have to go through a whole process. I wasn’t trying to write a book. I was writing a journal to God. I was trying to confess. My life was hell. When I tell you I was in hell, I was in hell. The only time I found comfort was when I was in the bible. I was in my Word. I had no comfort in anything else. When I was looking I would think, let me open that book. I am in this hell   Money didn’t work, Fame didn’t work, none of that work. Whenever I opened the book it was soothing to me. I started to read. What I wrote was my journal to God It’s a bunch of practical stuff. It was my journey with Him. I really wanted to be better. I really wanted to be a better mother. I really wanted to be a better wife. I wanted to come back into it right.”

E8: You did deep reading f the bible what woman did you most identify with?

Tina Campbell: (Laughs). “Actually, I didn’t identify with the women, I identified with the men. It was David. It was Job. I was just hoping that God didn’t Job me. I felt like Job coming through it. I felt like David, because I wanted to be like God. I could really relate to David. David always had confidence in God. I followed all the stories of the kings. King Osha, Kind Hezekiah. When they called on God with all of their heart. He heard them. They would end up better when they totally believed in God. Everything that was inside of me was changed. I found out who I really was. Nothing I had could of made me better. Only God could make me better.”

E8: What can we expect from ‘Solo Tina’?

Tina Campbell: “I got all of it in motion in me. I keep it 100 hundred. I am exactly who I am. I package it up. It allows people Ain’t nothing stronger hand my faith. People get to experience me. People will get to experience Tina in all the truth. My music and my faith saved my life. “

E8: What Do we get for Season 4 of Mary Mary?

Tina Campbell: “You’ll see it all. Last time I let everyone see everything I was going through. At the end of last season you saw Teddy propose. You will see the aftermath of that. I know how to enjoy everyone and everything in my life. I let people see my life fall apart in real time. You will get to see my journey. You will see us manage all of that. This year we show how hard we worked to heal. It will be fun.”

Here is a taste of the new solo Tina:

In a moment of pure faith she will be transparent at “An Evening With Tina Campbell,” Saturday, November 22, 2014, 7pm, at  ‘In His Presence’ located in Woodland Hills, California.

The focus of the evening is to accept, let go and move on where Tina’s journey of forgiveness will be revealed.

Tina ended our chat with a prayer. She left me with an inspiring word.

“Lord heal what we can see and what we cannot see. ”

Amen Tina..amen.

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