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Ebola in America-mini-article

(HOUSTON) — The Ebola case in Dallas has leaders in Harris County thinking about how to handle a potential outbreak here.

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia says it’s not unlike the type of planning that’s done for a potential bioterrorism event.

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“One of the things we have had conversations on is what do we do and how do we do what we are obligated to do given the fact that part of the workforce could be unavailable,” he said.

Garcia said the Harris County Sheriff’s Office is following the medical communities recommendations for dealing with a potential Ebola outbreak.

“We have an incredible amount of coordination and dialogue with our health departments and when we understand what they are confronting we work to incorporate what they are confronting those issues within our respective operations,” Garcia said.

He also said each patrol car is equipped with gloves and masks in the event deputies find themselves in a risky situation.


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