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(HOUSTON)— Houston’s MD Anderson Cancer Center treats patients from many countries.

The world renowned hospital said it is ready to deal with the Ebola virus or any other communicable disease.

With the current concern about people with Ebola traveling to the United States, MD Anderson said its taking great care to screen patients.

MD Anderson President Dr. Ron De Pinho said strict protocols are in place.

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“That would allow us to identify individuals that might be at risk and if they do develop the disease, to appropriately contain those individuals so that one does not infect others,” De Pinho said.

He said those protocols or procedures are in place across all major medical centers in the U.S.

De Pinho said MD Anderson is also working very closely with the Centers for Disease Control.

Texas Children’s Hospital, meanwhile, hopes it doesn’t see any cases of Ebola, but said its very well prepared if one should show up at its door step.

Mark Kline is the physician-in-chief at Texas Children’s. He said after the Ebola case in Dallas, there is a higher level screening of patients.

“And if it is found that a family or child has travelled within the past 21 days to one of the countries where Ebola is currently epidemic, they will immediately be put in an isolation area, infection control will be notified,” Kline said.

He said to better prepare their staff, Texas Children’s has also conducted simulation exercises that will be helpful in the event of a serious medical situation.

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