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(HOUSTON) — Summer is nearly over, it is back to school and that means back to homework.

Here are a few tips to help make sure your child handles homework like a breeze this year.  Whether you’re in elementary or high school, homework is important, said Harris County Department of Education curriculum specialist Lisa Felske.

No. 1 | Remind Students Homework Means Growth

“Teachers don’t assign homework for punishment, which is what a lot of students think.  A lot of skills need practice, especially reading and math,” explained Felske.

No. 2 | Create a Regular Homework Schedule

Felske wants parents and students to remember good homework habits start early. “The number one thing they need to do is have a routine.  Set aside a special time for homework and make sure you do it at that same time every day,” she said.

No. 3 | Designate a Regular Homework Space

Having a particular place to do homework is important too. “Somewhere free of distractions, where they can’t see the TV, even if it’s on, and where they can’t access electronic devices,” Felske added.

No. 4 | Fight Apathy and Procrastination Before It Starts

Felske urges parents not to let their children procrastinate and make sure they get started early on homework assignments that take more than one evening. If your child is having trouble with an assignment, talk to the teacher as soon as possible.

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