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For years, Minaj rapped for the stars – she had bit parts on hits by Ludacris, Lil Wayne, who mentored her, and perhaps most famously Kanye West, for whom she contributed a brilliantly grotesque solo on Monster. Being a girl in a boy’s club is not easy.  She has one person in her corner that will do everything she can to support her.

Nicki Minaj’s mother , Carol Minaj is thoroughly entrenched in a life of  prayer  for her mega- star daughter.

She revealed the intimate connection she has to her daughter in a recent revealing interview.

She says:

“My life as a Christian and believer was opened to Onika. As her career continued to thrive, she developed more concerns about life,” Carol told The Christian Post. “She knew I believed in the power of prayer, therefore, she constantly called me and our pastor, to pray for different concerns she may have…I believe by her acknowledging the power of prayer, and her strong desire to tithe together with a praying mother, contributed to her success.”

Carol does not focus on the criticism of her child, but instead believes one day her daughter will use her voice to sing for God.

“The Bible says to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old would not depart from it,” Carol told CP. “I trust that one day Onika will sing unto the Father, because a seed has already been planted. Nothing is too big to God.”

The road between Nicki and her mother was not always  an easy one. Carol worked as a nursing assistant and did her best to keep Nicki and her younger brother safe. One night she dreamed her husband had burned down the house, and the next day told the children to sleep at a friend’s house. That  night her husband did try to burn down the house.  Being the only one at home, she  managed to escape. Nicki’s father/Carol’s ex has said that her claims are exaggerated. Either way, this gave Carol a chance to reevaluate and rethink life.

Two years ago, The Carol Maraj Foundation was born. The foundation provides encouragement, emotional support, a mobile beauty spa and financial empowerment through various programs.

The Carol Maraj foundation aims to help all women who contact the organization, both in and outside of shelters. Carol hopes to one day have her own facility to house victims of domestic violence in emergency situations, where she can offer rehabilitation training and job-readiness programs..

Carol plans to have her first gospel album completed by early fall and she is not giving up on the possibility that one day she may collaborate with her famous daughter musically.

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