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(Houston)- The newest additions to the Houston Zoo were born at the Houston Zoo on Friday, June 6. The two male clouded leopard cubs began nursing from a bottle within four hours.

Here’s more from the Houston Zoo Blog:

The cubs are a result of the first pregnancy for two-year-old Suksn who gave birth in a private den off-exhibit. A few hours after their birth, the cubs were moved to the veterinary clinic to begin receiving 24-hour care by the zoological team. The pair will remain behind-the-scenes for several months while they continue to grow and thrive.

This birth is not only the first birth for Suksn, but also the first clouded leopard birth for the Houston Zoo. This is also the first offspring for the cubs’ father, Tarak, also two years old. Suksn and Tarak have been residents of the Houston Zoo since 2012.

Clouded leopards are vulnerable to extinction because of deforestation and hunting. Since this animal is so rare, it is important to do everything possible to ensure the health and well-being of every clouded leopard born in the care of man. The current practice among zoos is to hand-raise all newborn clouded leopards. Following best-practices from successful breeding programs like the Nashville Zoo and the National Zoo Breeding Facility, our keepers and veterinary staff are extremely well-equipped to ensure these cubs receive the best care possible.

About Clouded Leopards

The clouded leopard is unusual among the world’s cat species. They are the smallest of the large cats, have the largest canine teeth in proportion to their body size of any other cat species, and their coat is striking, yet so well blended for their habitat, that they are extremely difficult to see.

Named for its spotted coat, the clouded leopard and its habit has remained a mystery. They live in an area ranging from the foothills of the Himalayas down the islands of Sumatra and Borneo in Southeast Asia. They are under pressure from habit loss, poaching for their attractive coats and even the pet trade in a number of countries throughout Asia.

Clouded leopards excel at climbing; there are few cats in the world which can run up a tree, rotate their ankles to run down a tree headfirst or hang upside down from a tree limb using their long tails for balance.

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