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A bowl of gheeMmm…butter.

While your heart and stomach melt at the mere mention of anything dripping with savory, golden, delicious butter, the medical community feels…otherwise.

That is, with the exception of ghee.

Ghee is made by heating butter until the milk solids are separated and then removed.  It is not only a staple of Ayurvedic medicine and Indian cuisine, but of many commercial kitchens. Why? According to chefs, unlike certain other types of fats, it’s great for cooking at high temperatures. Plus, it’s deliciously versatile to cook with.

Is Ghee Healthy?

Because ghee technically isn’t dairy, but is instead mostly saturated fat, you can ingest it without suffering from dairy-related inflammation, which can lead to things like high cholesterol. But that’s just the beginning. According to experts, ghee can potentially:

  • Increase immunity
  • Support brain health
  • Help kill bad bacteria
  • Provide health doses of vitamins A, D, E, K, Omegas 3 and 9
  • Improve muscle recovery
  • Can boost libido
  • Positively effects cholesterol and fatty lipids in the blood

Oh Yes…Weight Loss, Too

Similar (kind of) to the adage that you have to spend money to make money, you have to consume fat to burn fat.

“A majority of Westerners have a sluggish digestive system and gallbladder function,” says John Douillard, M.D., an Ayurvedic physician and an instructor at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. “That means we’ve lost our ability to be good fat-burners.”

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