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You wake up. Then you help wake everybody else up. Then, it’s all about breakfasts, packed lunches, getting dressed, heading out, dropping the kids off, working a full day, making it to appointments, working out, getting home, making dinner, cleaning, prepping for the next day, then going to bed.

Then it all just starts over again.

With  perpetually crazy days and a jam-packed to-do list, many women struggle to do SO much while still looking and feeling their best.

Thankfully, there are a few easier-than-you-would-think beauty tips that can help keep busy women polished and glowing all over.

In general, it’s all about a few minutes of perpetual maintenance, as opposed to big changes…


The problem: Who has time to keep it salon-fresh all the time?

The solution: If you can’t make it to the salon as often as you’d like, your first step should be to ask your stylist to recommend at-home products that will help your hair stay polished. Also, remember to wear your scarf at night if you can, to use botanic oils to help seal in vital moisture, and to wash and condition your hair at least once a week.

Depending on your style and your schedule, you may also want to talk to you stylist about alternatives that are easier to manage…but still look great!


The problem: You’re so busy that it’s hard to get all the rest you need. And your eyes show it.

The solution: One quick solution is to invest in a great concealer and dab on a little to hide dark circles. Also, be sure to use eye cream every night to help protect sensitive skin.

But, the real solution is to try as hard as you can to get more of the rest you need. It’s difficult, but without it, all the concealer in the world won’t be able to correct the health effects of perpetual sleep deprivation.


The problem: Several cups of coffee in the daytime and a couple glasses of red wine at night can diminish the brightness of your smile.

The solution: In addition to visiting the dentist twice a year for essential cleanings, brush morning and night (two minutes each time), floss, rinse, and consider using whitening strips to help erase stains and bring the brightness back.


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