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Michelle Monique Burks

(Credit: Houston Police)

(HOUSTON) — For the second time within a month, shots have been fired at the ABC13 KTRK-TV offices in Houston.

Michelle Monique Burks, 44, was in custody Thursday after allegedly opening fire at the Channel 13 studios on Bissonnet near Buffalo Speedway.

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Multiple shots were fired from outside the fence that encircles the station. Bullets struck the building and vehicles in the parking lot.

No one was hurt, but one employee was sitting near a second-floor window when it was hit by a bullet from a semi-automatic pistol.

Witnesses tell police they saw Burks shooting toward the building before she took off in a Camaro. She was detained by police on Richmond Avenue.

“We have several witnesses who say she was shooting at the building and into the parking lot and at the windows in the building,” HPD Sgt. Julie Pleasant said. “We did recover casings in the parking lot.  We also recovered casings from the building.”

 of abc13 sent SSA a picture of me and my 2nd ex-husband on my sofa in my home and sent it to SSA saying I was performing pornography on TV.”

She also says on Facebook that she is ex-U.S. Navy, which we have not yet confirmed.

Some neighbors think Burks’ behavior began going downhill after her husband left her. We spoke to one neighbor who told us he is concerned for the woman’s mental health.  He said he could see signs that something was not right:

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