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Paleo RecipeYou might say A Houston-area high school student was bullied into becoming the author of a new cookbook.

Cy-Ranch Senior Joshua Weissman says his problem was obesity, “It was around age nine that my weight was becoming a little bit more noticeable and then it was at its worst around fifteen.”

And his fellow students were making his life miserable, pushing him around and calling him names.

Joshua decided to do something about it, adopting a new way of living, learning to cook with fresh foods.

In the process, he says he lost a hundred pounds, “After I had done it I learned enough that I felt I could help other people do the same thing, which is exactly why I started my food blog and wrote my book.”

The book is called the “Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook.

Joshua created all the recipes and shot all the photos for the book that goes on sale later this morning on and Barnes and Noble.

And here’s a video he and his older brother created to promote the book.

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