No matter how impossible it may have seemed when you were a teenager, your mom may have actually known what she was talking about.

What might have seemed like nagging, or plain ridiculousness to your young ears probably contained nuggets of incredible wisdom that you just weren’t ready to recognize.  Part of growing up is coming to appreciate the advice your parents have to offer, getting older truly does mean getting wiser.

Here are 12 things moms were right about:

1.”The best form of revenge is to be the better person.”

2.”Mean girls in middle school grow up to be mean women.”

3.”You can’t control what happens, only how you react.”

4.”You don’t have to be friends with anyone that you don’t want to be.”

5.”Feeling sorry for someone is not loving them.”

6.”You’d worry less about what people think of you if you realized how little they do.”

7. “Naps are awesome when you’re an adult.”

8.’You can’t change a person.”

9.”Time passes whether you attempt your goals or not.”

10.”You won’t have to try hard to get the right guy to notice you.”

11.”Don’t lose your mind over every little thing.”

12.”You have to demand respect for yourself. It’s rare that people just give it to you.”

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