Choir Fest 2014Nashville, TN — Hezekiah Walker’s Choir Fest returned to Nashville, TN, last Friday night showcasing Community and Church Choirs from across the country. 

The Free concert was held at Mt. Zion Baptist Church where Bishop Joseph W. Walker is the pastor.  Before a packed house of more than 6,000 and a few more thousand in the overflow, the night featured some of the greatest choirs on this side of Heaven.

Special guests and hosts for the evening included James Fortune, VaShawn Mitchell, Benjamin Cone, JJ Hairston, Johnathan Nelson, Minister Earl Bynum and of course Bishop Hezekiah Walker and his featured guest performers that included 40 choirs.  

The night started at 11p.m. and did not wrap up until close to 4:30am.

However some where down the line there was some miscommunication, between a couple of performing choirs and due to time constraints, others were not able to perform.

Addressing the situation is now Bishop Hezekiah Walker who sent out this letter to the many Choir participants over the weekend.

Praise The Lord Choirfest participants,

I want to take this opportunity to offer my apology for the way you may have been treated at this years Choirfest.  Unfortunately I have no control over a facility that does not belong to me.  I removed myself from the concert to rectify the situation but to no avail.  It was never my attention to invite anyone and then have them embarrassed. I received some very bad emails of what many choirs members along with their choir directors had to say.  Although I understand the frustration I don’t understand how those who was speaking ill did not consider that the devil himself is and was upset about Choirfest.  He was so upset until he had to do something to discredit it and me.  I believe that night was a major test for  all of us and our response to it was very important to God.  Always be reminded that God normally bless you after a reaction not a action.  To all those who didn’t get a chance to sing I will figure out how to make it up to you and your choir. What happened Friday night was a sure sign that the devil is mad at me for trying to keep choirs afloat.  Although the end of the night was a disaster, it fueled me to go BIGGER & BETTER.  Please except my apology again and to all those who emailed and called to encourage me although you didn’t get a chance to perform I love you for that that’s the way to go.

Bishop Hezekiah Walker

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