There’s no need to spend hours styling your natural hair everyday. There are plenty of quick and easy hairstyles that don’t require a lot of time or skill. I personally don’t have a lot of patience to do extravagant styles with my hair and I know a lot of you are just like me. Here are some easy hairstyles for naturals that are cute without the stress.

High Bun

You can never go wrong with a bun. It’s probably the easiest hairstyle of all time. All you need is bobby pins, gel, and something to tie your hair up with. Sometimes I keep a bun in for days without taking it down. I just put a scarf on at night, take it off in the morning, and keep it moving!

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Unicorn Twists 

I love this hairstyle. This can be done on straightened hair or on an old twist/braid out. Simply part your hair down the middle and flat twist both sides so they meet in the back of your head. Pin down your ends so your hair stays in place and you’re done.

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Halo Updo

This is similar to the unicorn style, but instead you will twist around your whole head to create halo look. This is a little more complicated, but if you know how to flat twist this look can be achieved in a matter of minutes!

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Twist Out 

This is a go to hairstyle for just about all naturals. It’s very versatile and you can do just about anything with it. If you do individual twist you can simply wear it like that or you can decide to wear them out. Here’s a cute side twist out look to try.

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