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Gospel radio just got more exciting now that “The James Fortune Show” is coming. So what does James Fortune have in store for listeners? Read this exclusive interview below from “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show,” or listen to it here to find out!

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A.V.: Boy, it is an exciting moment. We just got the news yesterday Reach Media reached an agreement with the one and only James Fortune to bring now “The James Fortune Radio Show.”


M: Woah! James!!

A.V.: It’s going to be 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern time, an inspirational broadcast radio show and plus he’s going to do the Spirit Top 15 Inspirational Countdown every weekend. So little bro, we want to say congratulations to you, man.


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A.V.: Yes.

JAMES FORTUNE: Man, I’m really excited. I appreciate you all, man. You know we always have a good time when I’ve been able to come up there and also even filling in sometime. So I just thank you all, man, for always giving me that opportunity and for showing me so much love. And just really giving me that first look at, you know, what’s it’s like to actually, you know, be in the studio and to see the hard work that you all put into it, the dedication that you all put into it, which is something I could really take from. I’m a big, you know, lean on you all, I’m excited about this, you know, my family is excited. We’re excited when we got the news, and then everybody’s been showing so much love on Twitter and Facebook. We’re just really ready to just, you know, get into it and just really see what God is going to do this new radio show.

A.V.: “The James Fortune Show,” an inspiration program beginning this Tuesday, May 28th, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on 29 stations. So man, you’re stepping into the syndication world. And what are some of the things that people can expect from the James Fortune show. We know you like to talk. (Laugh)

JAMES FORTUNE: (Laugh) Well, you know, of course. You know, I talk, I don’t do the singing thing quite as well as my brother, Marcus Wiley, did on this morning. But we’re going to look to have fun; it’s going to be funny, entertaining, also encouraging and uplifting. You know I like to have a good time, you know, that’s why I love flowing with you so well with you all when I’ve been there as well. And we’re just going to have a great time, you know, really looking for some great segments and great information and, of course, the great gospel music, inspiration music. I just have really good times and I’m something I’m looking forward to just really, you know, being involved in and getting started on Tuesday, May 28th, and just blow this thing up.

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A.V.: Yeah, man. We’re very excited for you.

YOLANDA ADAMS: Yeah, we’re always talking about expanding. And once you do what God has given you in excellence in the first part of your anointing, he builds you. And so as he builds you, you take it on. Be proud of what God has given you. Be proud of, I guess, extensions that he has on the inside of you, because it’s from Him. Because somewhere there was a desire that got planted in you once you said, oh, I can do this.


A.V.: Hmm.


YOLANDA ADAMS: You know? And then you’ve been doing what he told you to do outside of this. So he blessed you with it. So just run with it, little brother, we are so proud of you.

JAMES FORTUNE: Yes, Lord. So it’s going to kick off May 28th, this Tuesday, 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, the James Fortune Show.


A.V.: Welcome to Reach Media. Congratulations, man!

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JAMES FORTUNE: Oh, thank you all so much. And I appreciate it. I appreciate the love and the support and just for, you know, always just taking your brother and encouraging me. And I appreciate you, man. I love you all so much. Thank you.

A.V.: What’s the Facebook page for anyone who wants to follow you and get more information on the show?

JAMES FORTUNE: Well, the official Twitter just started for the show is @FortuneAtNight. And of course my other Twitter is @MrJamesFortune. And the Facebook page, the official James Fortune page, and I believe for the Facebook, it just started yesterday as the James Fortune show, like the Facebook page.

A.V.: It’s official. “The James Fortune Show.” Appreciate you, man. Thanks for being a part of “The Yolanda Adams Morning Show.”

JAMES FORTUNE: Thank you all so much. I appreciate it.

A.V.: All right, much love. The one and only James Fortune.

YOLANDA ADAMS: Did you start singing Hold On?

MARCUS D. WILEY: Yes, I was trying to give a little background music.


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