Is it better to give or receive? Whatever the answer, with the Wrapp smartphone app, you can grab up free and cheap gift cards with the touch of a few buttons.

Available for both Android and iPhone devices, this app has become something of a lifesaver (and a stimulus plan for your wallet).

Download Wrapp: Wrapp for Android App | Wrapp for iPhone App

Simply grab the app from your phone’s app store, and you can start sending and receiving gift cards from dozens of brands, including American Apparel, Banana Republic, Build-a-Bear, DSW, GameStop, Hulu, Old Navy, Roots, Victoria’s Secret, Zappos and more.

The app also allows you and others to add additional funds to the gift card, stretching your spending dollars. For example, take $15 and tack it onto a $10 Toys R’Us gift card for your nephew. He gets $25 to spend on swag at the store.

Wrapp is especially helpful for gift giving on the fly. The handy calendar function pulls birthday and other celebrations from Facebook and allows you to gift someone with the click of a few buttons.

It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s free. Try it today!

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