President Barack Obama had some very stern words for Americans on Thursday as support for tougher gun control legislation has stalled on Capitol Hill and across the country.

The president said it was time for decisive action in Congress, speaking before gun control supporters including survivors of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in Newtown, Conn., reports CNN.

However, the president said it would be “shame on us” if pending legislation fails in the Senate.

Vocal support for new gun control laws has fallen, the president said, as new polls show a shift in opinion on this issue.

“We need everybody to remember how we felt 100 days ago and make sure that what we said at that time wasn’t just a bunch of platitudes, that we meant it,” Obama said.

Only 43 percent of Americans polled in a new CNN/ORC International survey last week said they favored major restrictions on guns or the total banning of gun ownership, down 9-points from 52 percent in the weeks following the Newtown shooting.

Watch President Obama Address the Issue of Gun Control Support:

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