Everyone knows that the worst thing they can do is to forbid their daughter from seeing a certain boy. Every time you tell a teenager ‘no’ they hear a challenge to their independence. You have to tread very carefully.

1- Instead of telling your daughter she can’t see him, make sure she understands the rules of dating. This will be much easier if you’ve had these rules in place since she’s been allowed to date. That way she won’t think you’re ‘picking on’ her new boyfriend. The rules should include when and where she can see her boyfriend. What her curfew is as well as how late she is allowed to be on the phone or on the computer. Feel free to add any additional rules that you think might be helpful. Be careful with the rules as rebellion may rear its head.

2- When explaining the household rules make sure the boyfriend is present. Again, this makes it tough for him to play games and pretend like he didn’t know what the rules were. Make the conversation friendly and casual and include both your daughter and her boyfriend… no matter how mortified she seems to be.

One of the things many parents worry about is the type of people their kids are hanging out with. No where is this worry more real; than if your daughters boyfriend seems like someone who can cause trouble.

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