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Coretta Scott King is among the most influential women in American history.

Her contributions to the progression and development of American Society have left a long legacy, and she is remembered as one of the pillars of the civil rights movement. This February, as we look back on the black history canon, we honor the late Mrs. King for her work, and reflect on the entirely fabulous woman that she was. Aside from her cultural impact, Mrs. Kings classic style has left an imprint on me that speaks volumes about class, sophistication and poise. In a time where black people were looked upon as inferior, Coretta Scott King took to the streets to march and protest the oppressive political apparatus that subjugated black people, and if I may say so, she did it in style.

Today, we are paying tribute to Mrs. King’s amazing style. Now that our “role models” have resolved to flaunting scandalous fashion for shock value, a throwback to a more classic time in fashion history is greatly appreciated.

Take a look at a few of our favorite looks from Coretta Scott King, as well as our version, styled for a modern take on her timeless aesthetic.

Black History Month: Coretta Scott King

Tips on recreating Coretta Scott Kings Style

1.) Accessorize

Coretta was a fan of fun accessories. Add pearls, earrings, bracelets, hats and watches to your outfit to give it a Coretta twist. In particular, pearls and flower-shaped studs were big for Mrs. King, so add updated versions to make your look more modern, or go vintage to capture the real throwback appeal.

2.) Avoid Trends

Mrs. King stuck to classic pieces and silhouettes. To maintain her timeless appeal, avoid the crazy trends that come and go and stick to standard pieces like wool shift dresses, pumps and feminine blouses.

3.) Experiment by Mixing Textures

Mrs. King was a master of mixing textures. She balanced furs with knits and wools with leather. In order to make yor cllassic look slightly more fashion forward, mix fabrics with contrasting textures and voila, complexity!


Check out some more of Mrs. Kings looks in the gallery below!

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